This was a product of an idea we had. We thought why don't we write a short film in a storyboard format and shoot it. We wrote and shot this all in one day, and this is the result. We really appreciate your views and patronage. We hope to develop more polished things in the future and can't wait for you guys to see the story and ideas we have for you.

We like to thank "Thee Imperial Royal" For allowing us to use their amazing music. Definitely check these guys out.

Thanks to Local Honu for helping us with our shoot location.

We also like to thank Natalie Bilski for her awesome camera work. And a great thanks to Ben Jensen for being our victim.

She Promo

From the mind of Comic artist DCastr, introducing the world of She, a woman scorned. Lost, left alone in a world dead and dying. Hope is a lie. There is only vengeance.

In her world, few remain alive, foraging for some semblance of life. Who will endure? The selfish or the selfless? 

-- We wish to thank all involved, especially for their great music, tying the piece together. Thank you for watching. 

For more information:

Shooting Some Cool Stuff for Ghost Lit Kingdom

We are very excited for the next music videos to come out for Ghost Lit Kingdom. We had the pleasure to be on set and shoot this last week. Everything looks spectacular. We've enjoyed watching this group grow and they are emerging onto the scene with fierce potential. 

We previously worked on their premiere performance video for the amazing song, "You Don't Know Me" and this next round of videos is sure to continue that vein. 

We will update you as soon as the videos are released!